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IN STOCK: If your result says "In Stock" the documents can be sent immediately. If there are any new papers that need to be added, we will send you a preliminary copy immediately with notes regarding any new papers or missing items to follow.

Not in Stock: Most orders are sent within hours depending on time ordered.

Super Rush Service: Super Rush File Histories not in stock, we offer "Super Rush Service" if needed. We will do everything possible to get your documents sent to you within hours. If were unable to send within 4 hours you will not be charged for rush service.

When searching for your documents:  See Sample Format:

Example for File Histories (in BLUE):
7654331              <US Patent Files number. 'US' is not needed (optional)
2003/0076954      <US Published Files Numbers (add "/" after year)
10/234112           <US Application Number (use slantbar after series)
08/123456           <US Application Number (use / )
90/005774           <Reexamination Number)
RE40111             <Reissue Patent
I105685               <Interference Files

Example for NPL Only documents from files (both old and new) (do not use US prefix)
NPL-7110936       <NPL Only >From a File History format w/ patent number
NPL-10/386737    <NPL Only format with US Application Number

Example for Assignment Copies
ASN-6771321   <Assignments for a complete patent number with Reel/Frame copies>
015711/0148   <Assignments Reel/Frame copies>

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